Multi-platform Marketing Approaches Discussed at Advertising Week 2006

In a panel entitled, “Online, On the Air, and On the Go: Targeting US Hispanic Consumers through Multiple Media Platforms,” the speakers discussed the evolving methods of reaching the increasingly segmented Hispanic communities across various media outlets.

The panel consisted of Carl Kravetz (Chairman, AHAA and Chairman & Chief Strategic Officer, cruz/kravetz:IDEAS), Oswald Mendez (VP, Director of Integrated Communication, The Vidal Partnership), Sonya Suarez-Hammond (Director, Multicultural Insights, Yankelovich), and Sandro Ore (Advertising Director for Hispanic Marketing, MasterCard).

While the panel agreed that the trend toward bi-lingual messaging was an effective approach, the prevailing analysis was that the language chosen to communicate to Hispanic consumers is just a touch-point on the road to engaging that consumer with useful and relevant messaging. AHAA Chairman Carl Kravetz advanced the issue further when he noted, “Relevant messaging is important, but it is not sufficient in itself. It's important to take it to the next step with engaging messaging – really bringing the consumer in.”

Addressing advertisers' affinity for online advertising because of its measurable ROI, Tapestry's Marla Skiko said that new methods were under development to try and increase ROI-measurement for some of the more traditional platforms like print, but that more research and investment was needed.