MTV Tr3s Launches Con3xion Mobile Social Network

MTV Networks has announced it is working with mobile social networking specialist Intercasting Corporation to develop a mobile social network around MTV Tr3s.

Greg Clayman, Executive Vice President of Digital Distribution and Business Development for MTV Networks, says that the initiative comes on the wake of unprecedented growth for MTV Tr3s’ mobile channel, which grew 60% last quarter alone.

MTVN and Intercasting will work together in the coming months to develop and launch mobile social networking initiatives for additional MTVN properties. The order of operations here is interesting, as it is usually the general market properties that launch groundbreaking initiatives.

For the MTV Tr3s audience, mobile content is a key component in connecting with the brand beyond the television set given that 63% of Latinos own a media-capable cell phone compared to 46% of non-Latinos and are 23% more likely to use their cell phones to watch video content according to MTV Networks' Slivered Screen research.

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