MTV Tr3s Goes Mobile

MTV Tr3s has announced the launch of a multi-carrier, bilingual mobile channel for Hispanic youth. The channel’s core components will be music downloads, ringtones and video content from some of the hottest names in Latin music, including Nelly Furtado, Luis Fonsi, and Paulina Rubio.

In addition, the channel will feature mobile-adapted music and video content from some of the channels hottest shows, like “Descubre & Download,” “Dance-life” and the much-anticipated “Road to Menudo,” which seeks to recreate the Latin boy-band sensation that launched Ricky Martin’s auspicious career.

The new channel will not merely be an additional outlet through which advertisers can reach the desired Latino youth demographic – although it will certainly be that – but a brand-reinforcing platform that further integrates the station’s content into the everyday life of its avid teen acolytes.

While MTV Tr3s does plan to roll out content produced strictly for the mobile platform, the new channel also allows the company to monetize content that would have otherwise ended up on the cutting room floor – or rather in the e-recycle-bin – such as outtakes from its broadcast programs.

Given that Hispanics in general are 23% more likely than non-Hispanics to watch video content on their cell phones, and the fact that they are fiercely loyal to their favorite performers, it is probable that this new initiative by MTV Tr3s will be a success from the outset.

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