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Movie Advertisers Increasingly Targeting Hispanics Online

With a rapidly increasing number of Hispanics accessing the internet, movie advertisers have decided to meet them there to get the word out about upcoming releases.


Portada® recently caught up with Fernando Rodriguez, CEO of Terra Networks, to discuss the advertisers' online approach.

One thing that Rodriguez cited as important is the fact that Hispanics are connecting to the internet increasingly via broadband, as is the case with 70% of Terra's visitors. This is good news for advertisers, as broadband connections allow them to provide a richer viewing experience for the audience.

In terms of methodology, Rodriguez sees no difference in the way that Hispanics are marketed to online as with the general market. Typically what is done is a link is made that includes clips from the movie, release date, and other promotional materials. This is done two to three weeks prior to the release date, and then again when the movie is due to release on DVD.

“The major difference,” Rodriguez emphasizes, “is in the amount of money advertisers are currently allocating to the marketing effort. They spend considerably less in marketing to Hispanics online, when they ought to be investing much more, particularly when one looks at the data.”

And the data does give credence to his perspective: According to the Motion Picture Association of America, by 2012 US Hispanics will account for $1 for every $6 spent at the box office. Terra's Sales and Research Manager Natasha Funk cites an Arbitron reference stating Hispanics are 81% more likely to see a movie on opening weekend than the general market.

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