Mochila Expands Hispanic Content

Mochila – the online content marketplace – has just announced some new partnerships with major Hispanic content providers that will serve to significantly increase its Spanish-language offerings.

One of its new partners, Rumbo, owned by Meximerica Media, is well known for its publications targeting Texas Hispanics. The company reaches over 410,000 Hispanics a week with its Spanish-language products.

Mochila also signed with Starmedia, a popular Spanish-language web portal, with various channels covering a wide array of interests. Starmedia recently re-launched its women's channel with new content and features. Miami-based GDA, Grupo Diarios America, is another new feather in Mochila's Hispanic cap, as one of the biggest Hispanic-centric news aggregators in the country, representing 11 Latin American papers with a combined daily readership of over 5 million.

Mochila also recently signed with Excelsior (Freedom Communications, Orange County, circ. 55,000), the California-based weekly paper targeting Hispanics in Anaheim and Santa Ana. Excelsior is published by The Orange County Register (Freedom Communications).