Mobile World Congress 2014: 6 key trends

We compiled the  6 trends coming out of the Mobile World Congress 2014 (MWC) we think are the most significant ones. The event is taking place in Barcelona, Spain and ends today. The explosion of Wearable Tech, Connected Cars and more…(Check out the photo gallery at the bottom!).

1-The explosion of Wearable Tech

mwc.wearableDigital bracelets, glasses and headphones are the latest in digital innovation. In a similar fashion to  Google Glass, which is not yet on sale but has been broadly announced. Huawei introduced its hybrid companion provided for MediaPad tablet X1, the TalkBand B1,s a bracelet with NFC connectivity that includes a wireless headset with Bluetooth 4.0. Sony introduced its “wearable” technology Experience SmartWear. One of Sony’s wearables is Sony Core, a smart wristband that operates 24 hours and waterproof even with its micro-USB port uncovered and can also be worn as pin or key chain. In the MWC, Sony introduced the limited edition ‘Brazil’ on the occasion of the 2014 Football World Cup bracelet.

2-Internet for everyone

Barcelona - 4 - Mark Zuckerberg -Facebook is one of the Internet Giants that is clearly committed to an internet that is accessible to more people at an affordable price. This is in line with Facebook’s goal of being a “mobile company,” In other words, the Internet is a necessary condition for all users to access the social network from their mobiles. Related to this is the initiative which has the ambitious goal of connecting 5 billion people to the web.

3-New (more affordable) Smartphones

mwc.samsungs5Samsung introduced its new smartphone the S5 of the Galaxy family, which seeks to stop Apple’s popularity. In addition, the South Korean company is venturing for the second time into the world of “smart” watches, with Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo (with Tizen Operational System and not Android, from Google).
LG is showing off the previously announced Flex (a curve and flexible “smart” phone), following a bet on the congress on large screens, with the presentation of the new LG Mini Pro 2 and G2. Sony is renewing its premium devices, with a new version of its phone “Insignia”, the Xperia Z2, which records video in 4 k and 5.2 inch screen, and the Xperia Z2 tablet plus the “SmartBand” bracelet to monitor actions with internet connection.
Microsoft owned Nokia,  announced a new family of affordable smartphones that  interestingly are compatible with Google’s Android operating systems: Nokia X, Nokia X + and Nokia XL.
BlackBerry introduced two new phones, the Z3 and Q20.El Q20 will have a full QWERTY keyboard, plus new BlackBerry 10 software, while the Z3 will have a touch screen.

4-Connected cars

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMajor manufacturers have thrown themselves into designing their own vehicles adopting innovative technology systems. The Tesla S Model stood out at the MWC. The car reports its position, whether it has had an accident or the technology it uses. Chevrolet is working on the Chevrolet Camaro as “connected car”. SAP and BMW research and technology groups have created mobile technology for vehicles. The SAP cloud platform serves as a link between BMW and external partners who provide parking services, food and beverage, etc. The technology will provide personalized services to drivers based on their location and route.


wmc.huawei-ascendAll major mobile brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Nokia, etc. presented over five-inch screen mobiles. Huawei’s seven inches. These new big screen  phones are called “phablets” referring to them being a hybrid between phone and table.


6-Cheap Smartphones

mwc.LG.economicoAlong with the Chinese company Spreadtrum, Mozilla introduced a smart phone at a US $25 cost. The phone has an  ARM Cortex A5 processor, 3.5-inch screen and HVGA resolution.

Nokia also introduced its new Nokia 220 and Nokia Asha 230 devices. The former costs US $ 40 and has a 2 inch display and 2 megapixel camera, the latter will be sold for US $ 60 and has a 2.8 inch touch screen, 2 megapixel camera and includes apps like Skype, Free Mix Radio and Outlook. LG introduced the LG L40 that will be sold for US $ 136.