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Max Kilger, Chief Behavioral Scientist at Experian Simmons¸ presented a brand new research study about the nature of the Hispanic Mobile Market. The data he presented shares a common thread: Hispanics clearly over index vs. “General Market” consumers in practically every aspect of mobile communication/content consumption as well as in receptivity towards mobile advertising.
Below are some of the most salient points of his presentation:

  • Hispanics are 44% more likely than non Hispanics to spend more than 20 hours a week on their mobile phones.
  • Hispanics are much more likely than non-Hispanics to chat or Instant Message

Other interesting data points Kilger revealed for the Hispanic and Non-Hispanic market include:

  • Mobile and browsing levels are higher and more stable after 2pm
  • Text messaging volumes grow steadily until 5pm. At that time they start to taper off.

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