Stamford-based ad-service provider MNI has long served in the magazine print space offering targeted placement in all of the top markets through 42 established titles, including the Hispanic market titles Cosmo en Espanol, People, TV y Novelas and Vanidades.
The company is now stepping up its digital services for both the general and Hispanic markets.
“We offer programs that target specific demos and DMA’s. For instance, an advertiser can target Cuban-Americans in Miami with a placement tailored to them, while reaching a Mexican-American audience in LA with relevant messaging, all with one buy,” says Sales Development Manager Catherine Beekman.
Beekmann says that the digital offering they have to target Latinos is assembled for each client based on their target and goals: “We have digital Hispanic programs that are geotargeted to particular DMA’s, incorporating local media sites that have a proven reach into the desired target,” Beekman tells Portada.
As a Time Warner company, MNI can provide customized plans developed through Claritas, Time Warner’s research system, which provides psychographic and demographic profiling by DMA and ZIP code.
While in the last few months print investment has been “flat,” according to Beekman, she says that the company’s digital business has been growing “exponentially.”

Portada Staff

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