At Portada’s 2nd Annual Digital and Print Media Conference, Marcelo Salup, Director of Strategic Planning for Siboney USA, shared the following advice for marketers and agencies:

• Don’t connect with consumers with just one message. There are so many different types of people out there that you must try different types of messaging to connect with as many as possible.

• Don’t be afraid to try new approaches–but try to measure results so you learn from the approaches.

• For the media reps: Be realistic with planning budgets. This helps reduce unrealistic proposals and increases efficiency.

• Reach and continuity are hugely important for connecting with customers and potential customers. Find the right venue in which to reach them, and “own” a piece of that space by being aggressive there.

• “Don’t spend so much time trying to sell me on the Hispanic market. I know about it and am convinced of its worth. Tell me more about your media, what makes it unique and how you are going to help me create preference for my client’s brand.”

• Make your presentations shorter and more to the point. Give me time at the end to ask questions and give yourself enough time at the end to answer them fully.


Portada Staff

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