Meredith Melds its Hispanic Magazines and Websites

Portada: How does Meredith Plan to adapt its Spanish-language titles online?

Gaviria: Meredith Hispanic Ventures plans to take the Siempre Mujer and Ser Padres brands online in the near future.  Our primary goals are to enhance our readers’ experience beyond print and to offer our advertisers a fully integrated platform for their brands and services. Charlablog and Mimosblog, which are updated daily with exclusive content and videos, will be integral parts of the new websites and facilitate the interaction between our editors and readers.

What are some of the new trends in how advertisers are using Siempre Mujer and Ser Padres?

Gaviria: Integration is a big trend. We’re not just a magazine publisher but a Hispanic marketing solutions provider. For example, Meredith’s Hispanic Integrated Marketing Department has created multiple McDonald’s booklets entitled Viva la Actividad that were inserted into issues of Ser Padres and Siempre Mujer (most recently the October 2008 issue of Ser Padres). The booklet is geared toward providing Hispanic moms with tips and information to help them make healthy choices for their family.       

With our 360 approach to marketing to Hispanic moms, we can reach them at every critical life stage and location – for example at home, at point of purchase or at the doctor’s office. Advertisers value our brands, content, consumer insights, reach and marketing capabilities and they team up with us to develop programs and create content partnerships including mobile, internet and video.   For the February/March issue of Siempre Mujer, we strategically partnered with Telemundo to reach readers and viewers with an SMS campaign tied to our cover featuring 12 Corazones host Penelope Menchaca.  People can sign up to receive 12 love tips from Menchaca tied to their astrological sign.

Portada: What sort of event marketing do these magazines do?

Gaviria: Ser Padres is involved in a number of family expos around the country offering advertisers direct access to the consumers. Siempre Mujer has developed its annual Siempre Inspiran awards into one of the premier Hispanic celebrity events of the year, honoring prominent women for their philanthropic efforts.  Last year, we partnered with V-Me on a TV special tied to the awards and the program generated more than 75 million media impressions and attracted advertisers including Mary Kay and Yoplait.

What are some of the more creative online advertising options that Meredith will offer for these magazines?

Gaviria: We will create integrated marketing programs and solutions depending on the needs and goals of our advertisers: it can be as simple as providing content sponsorships on our digital properties or as customized as creating a 360 retail programs including interactive video content for POS and a branded mini-site, word-of-mouth advertising, etc. We’re looking forward to partnering with our advertisers on exciting new ventures!


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