Mercado Bilingüe to roll out new editions in 2006

Mercado Bilingüe, a Dallas-Ft.Worth monthly published by Redan Bilingual Media, announced plans to expand its franchise to other Texas markets. “We have tentative plans to launch new editions in San Antonio, Austin, El Paso and Houston in the first quarter of 2006,” Brent Murphy, managing partner at Redan Bilingual Media, tells Portada®. “We will add other markets later on,” adds Murphy. Eventually, Mercado Bilingüe hopes to be present in the top 50 Hispanic markets (mostly in the Southwest, Texas and California). Redan Bilingual Media will sell licenses to publishers who will be responsible for local advertising. National advertising will be sold centrally.

The Dallas-Ft. Worth edition of Mercado Bilingüe has a circulation of 75,000. It was launched 3 years ago with a circulation of 5,000. Eighty-percent of Mercado Bilingüe's current advertisers are national, including Bank One, Wells Fargo, American Airlines and AOL Latino. Local advertisers include the Dallas Mavericks. Diario La Estrella (Knight Ridder, circ. 33,000, daily, Spanish) carries Mercado Bilingüe as an insert in their weekend edition. Another 30,000 issues are home-delivered. The remaining 12,000 copies are distributed at Carnival Stores, which has 28 locations in Dallas.

Mercado Bilingüe focuses primarily on service oriented (health, finance) content, but also contains sections on entertainment and finance. “We focus on grassroots delivery mechanisms,” explains managing partner Brent Murphy. The publication contains mostly advertorials and has a grassroots delivery message. Mercado Bilingüe charges national advertisers CPMs of between US $50-70. Redan Bilingual Media also provides recruiting, translation and photographic production services. “We try to be a one-stop-shop for our advertisers,” Murphy says.