Hispanic Internet TV is growing. Mensaje Media LLC, a Miami based Internet TV company, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Corporate Broadcast Company Inc. was formed in May 2007 – the beta site quietly went live in December 2006. An official launch of the website is planned for July/August this year.
According to Dr. Federico Subervi, spokesperson for Mensaje TV and also Director of the Center for the Study of Latino Media and Market  at Texas State University San Marcos, Mensaje TV aims to provide more relevant information specific to the lives of
young Latina professionals. The revenue model is advertising-based on with all types of online advertising including video pre-roll.
Advertising sales are handled by Hola Networks. Mensaje TV features advertising from McDonalds, Boost Mobile, Volkswagen, Verizon and Chevrolet, to name a few.
Aspirational Content for the Latina Woman
Mensaje TV offers on-demand internet content in the following areas:
Health, Faith, Lifestyle. Subervi emphasizes that “The service has an aspirational and empowering side to Latina professionals.”
Content is available in English and Spanish and in some other areas there will be Portuguese coverage.
“On-demand search for information, downloading information, blogging and networking all of that is available,” Subervi tells Portada.
There are hundreds of hours Mensaje TV has bought from third parties. In addition, there are many new shows planned. Approximately 90% of the online TV content is produced outside of Mensaje TV. The company outsources certain functions and builds content through partnerships and strategic alliances. For health content, Mensaje TV, partners with Hispanic health magazine and website Un Buen Doctor. The faith channel soon will have programming (under the name of “Shalom) targeted to Latina Jews, Subervi concludes.

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