The structural changes in Hoy’s editorial staff announced yesterday represent a very important milestone for Hoy Chicago as we now have the proper setup to take the Hoy brand into new heights. In as little as 5 weeks we managed to step-up, recruit, train, install and launch an efficient and high-performing operation who now has full control of its editorial development.

Our new structure not only provides huge savings to the company but it also exemplifies what can be accomplished when we collectively;

·   Challenge the status quo,

·   Brutally examine our area’s performance and capabilities, and

·   Develop new, innovative solutions.

When print publications across the country are struggling to survive, our Monday through Friday newspaper Hoy Chicago and our weekend Fin de Semana publication continue to thrive; our combined circulation from the six-month ending 09/30/08 reflect a 25% increase from the average total combined weekly circulation of more than 620,000 copies (CAC Audit results for the six-month reporting period ended September 30, 2008)

Not only our combined circulation is up but our year to date Q1 results shows an impressive revenue increase of 25%. What is even more significant is our operating cash-flow which reflects a complete and successful turnaround from what had been a significant loss during the same period of last year to a sizeable profit margin. 

During the next few months Hoy Chicago will continue unveiling exciting new initiatives which will reinforce our Hispanic market leadership in Chicago. Meanwhile please save the date for Hoy Chicago’s April 30th redesign party (Place TBD) in which more positive and motivating news will be communicated.

Congratulations and let’s keep up the great work!


John Trainor

GM / Publisher

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