Maya Publishing Group to Launch Latina targeted Site, Expands Multiplatform Offerings

Maya Publishing Group is launching a new lifestyle site called Nueva Latina in September 2011. The site will be produced by Nueva’s editorial team. Nueva is a Mexican biweekly magazine targeting women with a circulation of 100,000, published by Grupo Editorial Notmusa, the owner of Miami based Maya Publishing Group.

Nueva Latina will also be published in e-magazine format, including teasers and covering features like fashion seasonal must haves, shopping solutions for Hispanic women, living, and relationships. Its objective is to create a direct and emotional connection with readers online. About half of the content on the site will be original for the U.S. Hispanic market, while the remainder will be  provided by Nueva’s editorial team in Mexico.

Future print launch?

Asked whether the Nueva Latina site is going to test the waters for a future magazine launch, Alexandra Zanic, marketing manager at Maya Publishing Group tells Portada that “this has not been defined yet.”

Several media groups (e.g. see Impremedia’s Vista recent announcement) have recently fine tuned and repurposed their offerings to better serve Latina women. An audience coveted by advertisers as Latina’s often make household buying decisions.

Multiplatform Strategy

Maya Publishing Group also announced that it has sharpened its magazines strengths which it characterizes as Spanish Language Content and gone beyond print, becoming MPG-GEN,a multiplatform content conglomerate.  It is exclusively designed and represented by specialized departments within the company, including MPG titles TV NOTAS, RECORD and H para Hombres, and the creation of Content OnDemand, MPG Digital Marketing and Business Development group and MPG Mobile Network.

Maya Publishing Groups’ Zanic tells Portada that the main idea behind this new initiative is to multipurpose content through digital, mobile, custom publishing, customized content soluttions.

Maya Publishing Group recently reduced frequency and increased circulation of some of its titles.