Natura launched a new pan-regional campaign for its Ekos product line earlier this week, kicking it off simultaneously in five Spanish-speaking markets: Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

Midios, of Argentina, is handling strategy development and media implementation for the campaign, along with its partner agencies in the Midios Latin American network, among them Triangulo in Chile, Materia Gris in Mexico, Massive in Colombia, and Cause Media in Peru.


Natura, a Brazilian company, specializes in production and distribution of beauty and health care products.


The strategy's main goal is to create brand awareness and brand positioning in Latin America.

"The goal of the campaign, from a media point of view, is to create awareness and obtain top Trps ratings", says Hector Gonzalez, CEO of Midios Argentina

"The campaign highlights the brand’s philosophy of valuing traditional communities, Brazil’s biodiversity assets and the line’s sensory appeal," notes Tatiana Pignatari, Business Unit Director at Natura.


Promote the highlights of the Natura business model: quality, natural products, and the company’s social and environmental commitment.


Women, ages 20-49, high/middle income.

Media platforms

TV: Commercials for both open and cable TV. One 30" concept spot and a 10" product spot to be aired in prime time on both open and cable TV.

Print Media: Natura will be featured prominently with promo marker strips on covers, flyers, and double and triple page formats, with 600,000+ product samplings also strategically planned to run in Latin American women's magazines.

Internet: Search engine marketing, social networking, and high-traffic local websites.

Movie theaters and sampling


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