In our recent interview with Henry Mason, Research Director at Trend Watching, we highlighted how important the topic of personal health will be for consumers in 2012 and in coming years.  A very successful example of this trend in Latin America is Nestlé® Mexico’s “Cuidarse Es Disfrutar” (Take care of yourself and have fun) corporate campaign.

Portada talked about the campaign with Paola Escalante, Mauricio Luna and Alejandro Olascoaga, who handle the Nestlé account at Flock Advertising, Mexico.

A recipe site aimed at taking care of yourself and having fun at it

Monthly visits: 216,650

Unique visitors: 181,689

Page views: 1,124,142

Facebook fans: 83,270

Comments on Facebook: 24,476

Followers on Twitter: 30,667

With over 4,000 recipes and 200,000+ monthly visits, site has become the leading healthy recipes site in Mexico and Latin America.  According to Paola Escalante, “Cuidarse Es Disfrutar is now the site with the most recipes in Mexico. (…) It is an example of how Flock, with all the research we conduct before creating content, accomplishes this level of engagement with users.”

Each recipe includes preparation time, a nutritional table, info on costs, preparation instructions and extra tips. The site allows users to open an account, which they can use to select their favorite recipes and share content with other registered users. The site also has its own video programs, posted on YouTube, which have already garnered over 2.5 million views and 2,500 subscribers.

“Mariachi Es Disfrutar” used content designed for each user

Name: #MARIACHIESDISFRUTAR (Cuidarse Es Disfrutar)

Duration: 12 hours, on February 14

Serenades: 300 requests

Videos: 56 custom, 11 generic

Views: 7,289

Likes: 1,754

This past February 14, Cuidarse Es Disfrutar launched a campaign on social networks in which users could send serenades. “We cross-matched content relevant to February 14 with one of our target insights, which was that our users like hearing serenades,” said Olascoaga.  “We recorded popular songs with the mariachis in real time, using songs that included data from fan profiles.  We were able to offer content that was fully targeted, on a date –February 14th– where everyone expects a gift.”

The mariachi band was hired for 12 hours in a video studio, so that Facebook and Twitter users could order their custom serenades. The songs were adapted to each request by using the preferences shown in each user’s social network profile.

“On a day when Internet traffic decreases, we were able to hold the attention of our thousands of users, who were communicating all day with the brand,” said Olascoaga about the successful campaign.

To increase the campaign’s impact, the mariachis also recorded customized serenades for celebrities such as Adela Micha and Martha Debayle, who publicly expressed thanks for the gesture.


Investment in social networks and digital marketing will continue to grow

In closing, we asked the Flock team about their views on the migration of budgets from traditional marketing to online: “Digital media is one of the pillars that brands are increasingly turning to for its immediacy and real-time feedback.  We believe that not only Nestlé, but brands in general, are increasingly investing more in social networking strategies, websites, applications, and anything having to do with conversational media where the user is the one who ultimately has the power.”

Paola Escalante is Account Grouper at Flock. She graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey in 2009 and has worked as Account Manager for Clarus Digital overseeing the Coca-Cola brand. She has also previously served as Digital PR & Marketing Assistant at Televisa Interactive Media; worked in Corporate PR at Nextel, and Internal Communications at Walmart Mexico.

Mauricio Luna is VP of Customer Service at Flock. He was previously Project Manager at Clarus Digital for the Coca-Cola brand, Marketing Manager of at Televisa Interactive Media, and Marketing Coordinator at Televisa.

Alejandro Olascoaga is Account Manager at Flock and graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey. His previous positions include Community Manager at MySpace, and Account Planner at Substance for brands such as L’Oreal, UVM, Unilever, Seguros Bancomer, RCI, and Universal Music Mexico.

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