Today we present a detailed overview of three digital campaigns launched by Barcel (Bimbo), Aeromexico, and Jose Cuervo.  Portada talked with company executives in charge of these brands in Mexico at the Social Media Fest organized by Red 10.

Barcel’s chipmunks

Arlin Clavellina – Brand VP, Barcel Bimbo

Campaign: Barcel T Conecta (Barcel Connects You)

To boost 1st quarter sales and increase brand recall, Barcel launched a campaign featuring animated chipmunks whose voices were dubbed by real DJ's, thereby increasing community engagement by using the same language that "young people use."

Arlin Clavellina, Brand VP for Barcel, says their site got 50,000 hits in the first 2 months of the campaign, with an average visit length of 2.5 minutes.

Between the fourth and sixth month, the campaign had already generated more than 70,000 fans on Facebook, more than 11,000 followers on Twitter, plus more than a million YouTube views and over 3,000 subscribers to its channel on the same site.

With this campaign, Barcel took first place on Share of Voice, capturing 91% of chatter against its competitors on Facebook.

Although the campaign has been a success, Clavellina warned that "ROI is not expected within the first year" since changes in users’ consumer preferences often take time.

What’s “Especial” about Jose Cuervo

Juan Carlos Canales – Brand Director, Jose Cuervo

Campaigns: El Bigote (The Mustache), Qué es especial (What is Special) and Calchupadora

Jose Cuervo kicked off its digital efforts right in the middle of Mexico’s Bicentennial of Independence celebrations and the country’s Centennial of the Revolution. According to Juan Carlos Canales, criticism of the country’s celebrations and the negative atmosphere surrounding the issue led to the company’s decision to celebrate something that would lighten the people’s mood and avoid controversy.  The result was the “Bigote,” or Mustache campaign, in which users were asked to grow a moustache and take a photo of themselves to be uploaded to the campaign’s website and to the user’s social networks.

The results: 894,614 site visits, 9,075 Facebook likes, and 23,681 photos uploaded to the platform.

The campaign was a success because "when people get involved, things work better," said Canales.

As part of their digital campaigns, Jose Cuervo also faced the challenge of separating its Jose Cuervo Especial tequila from its other brand, Jose Cuervo Tradicional. To accomplish this, the company launched the "Qué es especial?" (What’s Special) campaign, where they asked people to talk about what is special to them (within a patriotic context). The best testimonials where made into animated videos that were uploaded to the company website, as well as YouTube.

The campaign posted 511 sign-ups, 680 blog posts, and 149,857 video views.

Other standouts within the same campaign were the "Mirreyes" and "Lobukis" videos, which generated 150,294 views.

The conversation generated by this campaign has been remarkable, says Canales, because "creating a conversation between consumers and your brand is worth more than getting a like."

Finally, Jose Cuervo has also recently entered the apps world with Calchupadora, which helps users calculate the amount of alcohol they’ll need to purchase for a party or meeting.

The app came out a little over 2 months ago and has already reached 29,804 downloads. Canales attributes the app’s success to it being "a useful tool, and that is what the consumer expects."

Aeromexico’s hottest destinations

Claudia Contreras – Brand Director, Aeromexico

Campaign: The Hottest Destinations

Claudia Contreras of Aeromexico talked to us about the importance of the Internet for its business. "The travel industry is the most important e-commerce in Mexico, with 700 million pesos in sales in 2010 and 70% of ticket sales generated through the Internet."

Aeromexico's strategy encompasses a large number of platforms. Contreras said the company has a new fan page on Facebook, where people can do everything that can be done on the company’s official website, without leaving the social network (web check-in, customer service, promotions, etc.).

Its "Hottest Destinations" campaign is based on a travel blog whose topics (featured destinations) are dictated by the chatter on social networks. Contreras said the campaign has already generated 470,000 site visits and a level of social network interaction of more than 70%.


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