Last week we looked at the way Burger King does panregional marketing, as it was presented at our recent Latam Summit. Today we look at how Avaya, which recently bought Nortel, structures its Latin American marketing and advertising operations.

Roberto Ricossa, Americas International Marketing Leader, Avaya was presented at the “Panregional Marketing Approaches panel”. Ricossa is responsible for Americas International which entails Canada, Latin America & Caribbean.

Avaya has a small core team in Miami and a presence in different Latin American countries.

The panregional vs. local dilemma

Panregional – Latin American marketing lies between the poles of the centralized, multilocal, and local models.

Ricossa, describes the ideal position with the following metaphor: “It’s like fire, not too far and not too close” from local.

Ricossa adds that it is central to have a very close alignment between marketing and sales.

35% of Avaya’s advertising budget is panregional vs. 65% for local initiatives. The secret, to Ricossa is to utilize multiple vehicles. It is also important to innovate in marketing vehicles. One such example, are virtual events.

These virtual events are essential to connect with Marketing Partners, according to Ricossa. They offer multiple strategies to improve partner´s business with the wright implementation of new technology. The Avaya´s Experience Tour or the virtual trainings for each country are examples of the events. “Create once: Replicate many & leverage partners. Connect with them”, said Roberto Ricossa at the conference in Miami. Another recommendation of Ricossa was to look for “being different, being unique”.

Avaya´s Marketing Structure

At Avaya´s Marketing Americas International Department, we can find three mayor units working together for the general marketing strategy and the region specific execution: Corporate Marketing, Core Marketing and Field Marketing.

The Corporate Marketing unit is specialized in media and analysis corporate relations.

The Core marketing unit is responsible for the planning of the comms, product and solution marketing; the metrics and operation; campaigns; integrating campaigns and the content development for each one.

The Field Marketing unit works with the different characteristics of each region or country: Canada, Brazil, Caribbean, Mexico, North Cone and South Cone.


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