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Martha Gerdes is VP of Marketing at Tampico Beverages. Tampico recently announced the  launch of an interactive “Pinata Bash” social media contest and 3D Facebook app to promote its 20-ounce, single-serve, refrigerated juice drinks among young adults in target markets nationwide.  60% of the consumers of Tampico products are Hispanics. (see related article published today on

We talked with Gerdes on Tampico’s overall Hispanic marketing strategy.

Tampico ’s Consumer in the U.S. …
According to Gerdes, Tampico’s core consumer are families, with moms playing an essential role as the gatekeepers of the family. “The second is the consumer that has grown up with Tampico and is now a young adult,” Gerdes adds.  “We continue the support the brand throughout the consumer life cycle.” Tampico is present in 50 countries around the world, including in Mexico and Latin America. The global refrigerated juice drink brand was started over 25 years ago in the U.S.

…is 60% Hispanic
Asked about why more than the majority (60%) of Tampico’s consumers are Hispanic, Gerdes tells Portada that the company’s flavors come from Latin America and the Caribbean Tropics and therefore have a particularly strong appeal among U.S. Hispanics who are very loyal consumers. Tampico is a well known brand in Mexico and Mexican American consumers also have a strong brand recognition of Tampico products in the U.S. In addition, Tampico is a strong value brand that is always accessible to the consumer”.

Hispanic Marketing is grassroots oriented….
Tampico is very grassroots oriented in all its (Hispanic) marketing efforts. “Community engagement is the cornerstone”, Gerdes says. Grassroots marketing mostly evolves around events, linkages with retail partners as well as promotion activities at the point of sale. Print and radio media buys are done based on particular community events that Tampico wants to promote, not on a national basis.  Every time we have an opportunity to take the program and communicate there is an activation. Newspapers used for event activation, not across the board. Everything goes back to a particular event they are doing. “Digital is used a bit more nationally. Digital is really global,” Gerdes notes (see related article published today on

An example of a recent grassroots effort is Tampico’s cooperation with soccer clinics and soccer plans in Texas. ESPN Radio was an important media partner for the plan.

…and cooperation with Retailers
Another important aspect of Tampico’s marketing strategy is the cooperation with retailers.” We have sales promotion programs24 hours a day/365 days a year. Retail partners range across the full gamut of national accounts, independents, C-Stores and the full range of outlets from Publix, Kroger Wal-Mart etc. as well as independent bodegas and regional regional chains such as  Independent regional chains such as Sedano’s in Miami and Carnicerias Serrano in Chicago. Depending on the program and the retailer we have joined forces with we will do weekly ad circulars, radio and even online advertising.

Fact Based Insights
For Gerdes it is crucial that marketing  strategies are based on solid information and validated assumptions: “Fact based strategies are critical. We use research  that gets measurable numbers and facts that allow us to make decisions that are right for the brand and consumers.


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