Marketer Interview: Ryder, How a Logistics Solution Provider Markets to Hispanics

Gregg Nierenberg, Group Director of Asset Management and Vehicle Sales, Ryder System, Inc. talks to Portada about how he markets to the U.S. Hispanic market.


Portada: How are you promoting the Spanish Language website in Latin America?

Gregg Nierenberg:Our internal Sales and Marketing department, which handles our advertising and direct marketing needs, leverages various channels to  promote our products, including our relationships with on-line and print publications, direct mailers, and email campaigns both domestically and internationally to reach existing and potential customers.  As customers continue to do research and shop on line, we have made a focused effort   to improve the content and usability of our site.”


Portada: Is this website targeting U.S. Hispanics that prefer to use their mother language?

Gregg Nierenberg:Our initial target groups for the bilingual site are U.S.-based   customers with a preference for their mother language as well as our   existing network of export customers and partners in Latin America/the Caribbean who regularly use our site to search for inventory.  Generally speaking, the goal is to allow customers and prospects to more   comfortably shop for a used vehicle on Ryder's website in their native   language.

In addition to the site, many of our 55 retail used vehicle sales   centers in North America and our Export Sales department have bilingual   support to assist our diverse customer base.”


Portada: Are you making an advertising campaign to advertise in US and Latin America? Which kind of media do you use? Do you work with a Hispanic Advertising agency, which one?

Gregg Nierenberg:At the moment, we have not yet launched any advertising initiatives in   Latin America, but we are exploring options.”


Portada: Which Latin American countries do you work with and advertise to?

Gregg Nierenberg:We currently export vehicles to most Central American and some South   American countries. Specifically, we export to Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.  We primarily rely on   our website, other on-line partners, and word of mouth based on our 77   years of experience and reputation to sell to these markets.”