Marketer Interview: Rosa Serrano: “Reaching Hispanics using Spanish language is more efficient…”

Rosa Serrano, former Director of Planning and Buying at Lopez Negrete Communications, recently created her own Advertising Agency in Houston. She leads ReSults Media and Marketing Partners, an entirely new agency that provides a wide range of services. We seek for insights about one key decision to take when targeting Hispanics: which language should be used? Rosa gives us her input about this issue:


Portada: What determines the Choice of Spanish, Bilingual or English media when targeting Hispanics?

Rosa Serrano: There is truly not one answer to this question of what determines language choice in targeting Hispanics.

Spanish language tends to be the constant for all clients as this will accomplish two very key goals:

1. Reach Hispanics who are missed in English language communications because of their preference for Spanish language media. There will also be a number of Hispanics who will be exposed to the English language messaging but the impact of the advertising may not be as effective because the language or cultural cues do not resonate with them as creative developed with Hispanic insights.

2. The efficiencies of reaching Hispanics using Spanish language channels are still much greater than reaching them with English language media. Your dollar spent in Spanish language to reach Hispanics will allow the client to reach more consumers than the dollar spent in English. This is significant when you consider how many major US markets have Hispanic populations that are 30% or more Hispanic composition.

Clients who are commited and savvy about the Hispanic consumer will not stop with Spanish language media investment and call it a day but rather also consider how they are reaching this key consumer via their English language communications.


Portada: Can you provide client names or brand names that tend to target Hispanics through: English media, Bilingual media, Spanish media.

Rosa Serrano: Clients who are doing this include McDonald's, Bank of America, Walmart, and State Farm. We are also seeing more Hispanics in mainstream commercials than ever before and we will continue this trend as marketers wake up to the changing face of America with the new 2010 Census numbers. Multicultural advertising is no longer the "niche" target added to a plan but the foundation of a solid marketing plan.

Hispanics are consuming media in multiple languages and any effective plan should include dual language communications.