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Marketer Interview: Rodolfo Rodriguez: “Que Rica Vida is open to Third Party Advertising” [2-A]

Que Rica Vida’s website, published by General Mills which also publishes the namesake magazine, was recently relaunched.


Que Rica Vida’s website, published by General Mills which also publishes the namesake magazine, was recently relaunched (read press release here).

We conducted an interview with Rodolfo Rodriguez, Multicultural Marketing Director at General Mills. Rodriguez, who is also a member of Portada’s Editorial Board, provided his views on the relaunch, on the relationship between his company’s media efforts and those of traditional media companies and more…

Portada: Major companies like General Mills are becoming media properties. How do you see this? Is the relationship between media properties and major CPG companies changing/being jeopardized?

Rodolfo Rodriguez, Multicultural Marketing Director, General Mills:
”General Mills does not see its media efforts – which are marketing oriented – as competing with established media organizations, which have a different mission from our own. Our competitors are other food and packaged goods companies, which market to Hispanic consumers.”

Portada: Does Que Rica Vida’s website accept third party advertising does the print publication accept it?

Rodolfo Rodriguez: “We are open to advertising from third parties, but as of yet have not devoted efforts toward that goal.”

Portada: Can you tell us what agency did you work with for the redesign/relaunch?

Rodolfo Rodriguez: ”Media8.”

Portada: Can you describe the relationship you have with Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Center en español, do you drive traffic to each other?

Rodolfo Rodriguez:"Our relationship with Baby Center en español is a very recent one, and is primarily one of providing content for the parenting section of If by sharing information about each other we drive traffic to both sites, then that is a good thing, but it is not the main purpose of the partnership.”

Portada: From a best practices standpoint what are the major changes enhancements to the Que Rica Vida site?

Rodolfo Rodriguez: “More expert content, easier to navigate, more interactive, much better graphics and designs.”

Portada: Can you explain some of the metrics in terms of where they are currently vs. target? Unique Users, Page per visit, Time per visit, Bounce Rate etc?

Rodolfo Rodriguez: ”We do not divulge that kind of information, as it is proprietary.”

Portada: Can you explain how you produce your content (other than through Aliza Lifshitz and Baby Center). Do you work also with newswire agencies?

Rodolfo Rodriguez: ”Besides content providers such as Dr. Aliza and Baby Center, Que Rica Vida and have their own staff of writers and editors.”

Portada: Do the  partnerships with  AOL Latino, Univision: Cocina, Yahoo! En Español and MSN/Telemundo, also include content exchange etc?

Rodolfo Rodriguez: ”Our partnership with Univision: Cocina is a unique one, as it includes posting hundreds of our recipes on their site. The other partnerships do not include content exchange, but rather marketing support.”

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