The current effort to promote Starz Entertainment’s new channel Encore Español is a relatively complex undertaking. We talked to Maria Zardoya, Account Executive at PMP Publicidad in Atlanta to shed more light on the project.

The product:

The new channel offers movie programming in Spanish 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in an uncut and commercial-free format.

Two separate Campaigns

“”We're actually creating two separate campaigns for Encore Español. One is

geared towards non-ENCORE customers, and one is a branding campaign geared towards existing ENCORE customers,” Zardoya tells Portada.

Demographic Target: First and Second Generation U.S. Hispanics

Period: July 2011-July 2012

Media used:  :30/:60 TV spots, direct mail, web banners, CSR training materials including websites in English and Spanish and posters.

Scope of the Campaign: National

Media Buying: For TV it is coordinated through the individual affiliate systems and their media buying agencies. For other media by PMP Publicidad.

Other relevant data:

Research shows that Hispanic households watch ENCORE programming 30% more than the average household (Source: Nielsen Jan ¹10 – Nov ¹10)

– Hispanic households are twice as likely to attend movies more than 2 times per month.

– Hispanic households watch 51% more ENCORE children¹s programming than the average household.


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