I had the opportunity to compare notes with Alicia Pelayo, Managing Director of Havas Media in Mexico.  Alicia is both an observer and a major player in the Mexican advertising market.  Her media agency handles 35% of all media advertising buys in Mexico, a market estimated at 50 billion pesos, or approximately US$ 4.15 million.

The following are the highlights of my conversation with Alicia:

Pay TV grew in the double digits between 2009 and 2010, with 800,000 new subscribers joining through Dish, of MVS Television. Pay TV currently has 40% market penetration in Mexican homes.

Radio registered a more than 10% increase in media buys despite hard-hit rates, with growth evenly distributed throughout Mexico.

Print media:

Newspapers recorded a 7% increase in revenue.  Ad buying was boosted by the entry of free newspapers, mainly in Mexico City.  The largest of these is Publimetro, followed by maspormas, with 30% less circulation and less coverage. The launch of several new papers also helped buoy this segment in 2011, including NuevoMexicano.

Magazines posted 8% annual growth in 2010, in line with the total increase in advertising investment.

Internet posted a 30% increase over the previous year, and currently accounts for 4.5% of total advertising buys.  Search engines clearly dominated, with Google accounting for more than 75% of ad market share.  Some of the most relevant destination sites include Metros Cubicos, Record, Medio Tiempo and Mercado. It is worth noting that this sector expects to grow only 5% in 2011, compared with 2010.

Alicia Pelayo, Managing Director of Havas Media, says that 2010 was a great year. The agency registered a 20% increase compared with 2009, as a result of new accounts and appropriate management of existing clients.  Havas newest business is the TV account for Liverpool, the largest department store chain in terms of business volume and coverage in Mexico.


Portada Staff

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