Irvine CA based Casanova Pendrill just was selected Hispanic AOR for Denny's Restaurants after a recently completed search. The Agency will handle all creative duties for the chain of restaurants and will provide strategic counsel in all areas of the business. Media buying and planning will be done by Zenith Optimedia. We talked to Ingrid Otero Smart (president, CEO of Casanova Pendrill in the photo) about Casanova’s plans with its new Denny account. 

Portada: What percentage of Denny’s customers are Hispanic right now and how many are there? Ingrid Otero Smart: “We don’t have the % of customers that are Hispanic but we know that a significant number of Denny’s Restaurants are in high density Hispanic neighborhoods. There are over 1,650 Denny’s in the U.S.”

What are your main objectives? “Objective is to continue to grow our Hispanic customer base and developed a deeper engagement with them.”  

What do you think is important regarding marketing a restaurant chain like Denny's when it comes to the Hispanic consumer? “I think we need to show them they are welcomed and that we understand and respect their needs.”  

What media are you going to mostly use to promote Dennis and when? “The media plan is still in development by Optimedia, Denny’s Media AOR. In the past, they have utilized mostly TV to reach our target. It is too early for us to tell if that will change.”  

In what way is the general market campaign going to be different to the Hispanic campaign and in what way are they going to feed on each other? “We believe that the messaging should be integrated to make it more effective. Of course, the communication needs to be relevant to each segment.”  


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