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Spanish-language novela actor Juan Soler (photo) and Honey Nut Cheerios® recently launched a joint, multi-market, education initiative designed to help Hispanics lead a heart healthy life.  Portada talked to Scott Lee, Associate Marketing Director Honey Nut Cheerios (General Mills) about Honey Nut Cheerios main message when targeting the Hispanic consumer and its couponing strategy.

Lee notes that Honey Nut Cheerios main message is that “You don't have to sacrifice delicious taste in order to lead a heart healthy life – you can have both with America's favorite cereal, Honey Nut Cheerios!”

Honey Nut Cheerios leverages General Mills Hispanic marketing platform Que Rica Vida: “Que Rica Vida is a wonderful multi-media platform that allows us to reach and engage our Hispanic consumers.  We are leveraging our relationship with Juan Soler to communicate our 'Try America's Favorite Cereal' campaign in both print and radio advertising within the Que Rica Vida platform, “ Lee notes. Cheerios social media strategy is also integrated within Que Rica Vida.

Honey Nut Cheerios use a mix of general market coupons vehicles including Free Standing Inserts and digital coupons.  “We drive additional awareness through online and social media vehicles”, Lee adds.

Lee says that they have not yet experimented with QR Coupons,” but that he has digital coupons featured with online retailers and in our social vehicles like our Cheerios Facebook page”


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