Marketer Interview: Federico Mejer “There is a clear need for branded content”

Last week we informed that New York based advertising agency Revolucion is partnering with EO Integration to develop branded content for the multicultural market. Branded Products-Content marketing is a new trend in the multicultural market place.

To gain more insight into this new trends and his new partnership we conducted the below Q&A with, Federico Mejer, Partner/Director Integrated Communications at Revolucion.

Portada: Is EO-Revolucion a full-fledged merger?

Federico Mejer, Partner/Director Integrated Communications at Revolucion: “No, this partnership is not a merger, but rather a strategic alliance. There is equity ownership between the partners of each organization as well as a management role.”

Portada: Will Revolucion be the name of the new company?

F.M.: “Both entities will preserve their names, but EO Integration has updated its logo to include the REVOLUCIO “O” in order to reflect the new partnership. You may see it at”

Portada: Can you provide a list of active clients you do media planning/buying for?

F.M.: “Casio America, Inc, HBO Latino, Palm Bay International (portfolio of wine brands)”

Portada: Can you provide a list of active clients you do PR for?

F.M.: “Ally Bank, American Heart Association, AOL Latino, Casio America, Inc., Celebrate México Now Festival (CN Management) HBO Latino (Social Media AOR). We also partner with general market firm HealthSTAR Public Relations on a pharmaceutical account, but we are not at liberty to disclose the brand.”

Roberto Alcazar, who joins Revolucion as Partner and Executive Creative Director, adds that “for a while now, branded content has been introduced to clients primarily from media companies, who know the media very well, but aren’t necessarily the brand keepers like traditional agencies are. We are bringing the branded content discipline to the table, to the advertising mix. As clients increasingly understand that they can’t be trapped by traditional advertising formats anymore, they are seeking out branded content solutions. There won’t be any brand in the next 10 years that isn’t engaged in branded content.”

Mejer adds, “As clients build out social media and look to communicate directly with consumers, there is a clear need for branded content. Brands must already be in the places where consumers go to be entertained.”

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F.M.:”As Latinos continue to revolutionize the American experience, communication methods that speak to the Spanish-preferring consumer and the English-preferring consumer are critical. The world in which English-speaking Latinos live, simultaneously influences and is influenced by other multicultural segments. For example, we are working on a creative campaign for a client that is designed to resonate with young Latinos primarily. But throughout the development process, our creative team kept the African-American and Asian-American markets in mind, ensuring that the final execution will have broad appeal to various influencers.”Portada: We understand that the new organization will emphasize multicultural branded content. If so, can you say why this will be the case and where you expect the most demand for branded content to come from?