Marketer Interview: Diageo/Ketel One Hispanic Marketing Plans for 2010

Ketel One Vodka recently presented a new product called Ketel One Oranje, from the Ketel One Citroen vodka family. Advertising efforts are being made to market the new product to Hispanics.

The product was presented some weeks ago in an exclusive tasting meeting in Miami. Diageo/Ketel One opened there the first bottle of Ketel One Oranje Flavored Vodka. The core values of the brand are sustained in a century tradition production done by the Nolet family in Schiedam, Holland, who has been distilling fine spirits for 11 generations. In 2008, the Nolet Group and Diageo announced that they had completed a transaction to form a new 50/50 company called Ketel One Worldwide B.V. to own the perpetual exclusive global rights to sell, market, and distribute Ketel One.

Portada interviewed Toby Whitmoyer, Brand Director of Marketing, Diageo / Ketel One Vodka, about the marketing and advertising plans for 2010.


Portada: Can you explain the main objectives of Ketel One Vodka’s Hispanic marketing strategy?

Toby Whitmoyer: We believe that Hispanics have a natural affinity to Ketel One. Heritage and tradition are two core attributes that are part of the Latino culture. That is why we reached out to Latino consumers as part of our Ketel One Oranje launch events in New York and Miami. Ketel One Vodka is owned by the Nolet family, who have a 300 year history of distilling the best quality vodkas in the world. We want to share that story with the discerning Latino consumers and all those who are looking for exceptional taste. We want them to know that every single batch of Ketel One Vodka must have the approval of a member of the Nolet Family – and that the result is a superior vodka that is worth drinking on the rocks.

Portada: How does this strategy translate in actual marketing and advertising campaigns?

Toby Whitmoyer: Hispanics represent a very important market segment for us. In the coming months we will be working to position our brand as the preferred choice for the Latino who knows that there is a difference between vodkas – and that they have different qualities that distinguish them from one another. Vodka can be made from many different raw ingredients including, grapes, potatoes, corn and barley. Ketel One Vodka is produced from the finest quality wheat. Clearly, we have a task ahead as we create a platform that communicates Ketel One’s message in a way that resonates with the Hispanic consumer. We are excited about this coming process.

Portada: Can you explain what marketing /advertising vehicles you are going to use during the rest of 2010?

Toby Whitmoyer: Our current effort does not yet include a Hispanic media buy. We are planning to embark on a Hispanic market effort in the coming months. This segment of the market is very important to a super-premium spirit like ours. We expect to use a variety of vehicles including print, television, online and OHH.

Portada: What are the main differences between marketing to USH and marketing to the general market for Ketel One Vodka?

Toby Whitmoyer: Commonly used to describe the general market, homogeneous is not a word that easily describes the US Hispanic. US Hispanics have language preferences that mainly stem from their country of origin and generation level, because of these unique attributes the US Hispanic market is made up of many sub groups. Each of these segments should be analyzed to maximize the results of a campaign. 

Portada: Which is the advertising agency doing this work for the Hispanic market?

Toby Whitmoyer: Grey is the lead Advertising Agency, Wing is our Hispanic Agency.