CVS has substantial marketing programs in place to target the Hispanic demographic. We interviewed Dawn Marie Gray, Senior Manager Multicultural Marketing, at CVS Caremark Corporation to ask her about the impact of the 2010 Census Results on CVS marketing

Dawn Marie Gray, Senior Manager Multicultural Marketing, at CVS Caremark Corporation:
“The 2010 census reported that ethnic populations in the U.S. are rapidly expanding and this has reinforced our focus on our multicultural customers. Approximately 40% of CVS/pharmacy customers are multicultural, predominately Hispanic/Latino and African-American. CVS/pharmacy targets multi-cultural consumers by incorporating relevant consumer insights into our national campaign strategies.  We leverage channels that connect with multicultural audiences, such as TV, radio and social media. The most recent examples of this are our ExtraCare Advantage for Diabetes, Flu, Beauty Club and Care 1on1 campaigns.  Each campaign has tailored messaging  often including bilingual and/or Spanish-language pieces and media to reach a diverse audience.”    

Portada: What other activities are you undertaking to reach the Hispanic demographic?  

Dawn-Marie Gray: “In addition, we adjust product offerings, promotional assortment, in-store signage and music selections to reflect the immediate community.  We analyze market demographics and leverage local field operators to develop an individual merchandising strategy for each store.”

Portada: We understand that you also are active on the events field.  

Dawn-Marie Gray:  “Yes, the CVS/pharmacy A Su Salud (To Your Health) community wellness events address health disparities and access to care issues that predominantly affect Hispanics. Held in eight major U.S. cities, these events offer free preventive services, including health screenings for adults 18 years and older.  Since 2006, these targeted events have provided free screenings for over 625,000 Hispanic consumers.  Valued at more than $150 per customer, the health screenings offer a comprehensive health risk assessment for medical disorders including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis.  A physician and CVS pharmacist review screening results with participants in a private consultation.”


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