American Family Insurance recently introduced a campaign targeting Spanish-dominant Hispanics. The campaign consists of television, radio, print and online executions. Portada talked to Dan Guzman, Creative Development Manager, at American Family Insurance (photo) about American Family Insurance’s Hispanic Advertising. As Creative Development Manager Guzman looks at all advertising put out by American Family Insurance. Guzman looks at consistency in the message across brands.
The Company
American Family Insurance is a private mutual company that focuses on property, casualty and the best cheap car insurance they can get their customers, but also offers commercial insurance, life, health and homeowners coverage as well as investment and retirement planning products. A Fortune 5000 company, its revenues for 2008 were over $6.7 billion.

The Footprint
American Family Insurance and its network of approximately 3,500 agents serve 19 States, including: Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.The markets which are heavily Hispanic are Phoenix, Denver, Tucson, Chicago and Atlanta.

The Products
When targeting the Hispanic market, American Family Insurance primarily advertises its Auto Insurance products followed by the rest of its product portfolio (particularly Life Insurance).

Objective of the Campaign
In Dan Guzman’s words the main objective of the campaign is “Brand Awareness” among foreign born Hispanics for American Family Insurance products in Phoenix, Denver, Tucson, Chicago and Atlanta.

The campaign utilizes inspirational factors and messaging, the campaign evolves around the “American Dream”.

The Spanish-language creative in TV, online, radio and print, show a Foreign Born Hispanic Father (El Soñador)realizing that one of his American dreams is to watch his sun getting a driver license and insurance. One of the spots is more specific about auto insurance. Other spots are a bit more general around the Dream (Sueño) motive (see spot below)

Like many other foreign-born consumers living in the United States, Hispanics tend to have a strong appreciation of what the “American Dream” represents.   Often times coming from difficult situations in their native countries, their past experiences shape how they define the concept. Guzman notes that “We want to get back to remind people why it is they buy insurance in the first place. To get back on track very quickly. Buy insurance to protect people they love. They work hard for their American Dream. Insurance is more important than a funny character that lowers the price. We are dream protectors.”

The Media
The campaign utilizes television, radio, print and online executions that target Hispanics in Phoenix, Denver, Tucson, Chicago and Atlanta. Online Advertising is geotargeted to these markets by major portals. TV spots are running in all the major networks. In print, American Family Insurance used Meredith magazines. “We used a dedicated insert in Ser Padres and Siempre Mujer in issues that were distributed in the above markets”, Guzman says. Newspapers were not used, although they are used in the Business Accelerator Program, another American Family Insurance initiative,  which talks to Hispanic Entrepreneurs.

The Agencies
Mindshare World on the media side. San Jose Group as the Hispanic market creative agency. Ogilvy for the general market creative.

Length of Campaign
The campaign started in September 2011 and will run through all 2012.

The Results
Guzman can not reveal actual data but says that American Family Insurance’s Spanish-language website  visits have substantially increased as a result of the campaign. So has traffic in dealerships in the cities of Phoenix, Denver, Tucson, Chicago and Atlanta.He adds that it is still early to talk about results in the Hispanic market campaign, but that they are optimistic based on what they have seen on the general market side. They started earlier on general market campaign (pre-launch was on July 4th), which is running in all 19 states.

A positive effect of the campaign is the Teen Save Driving Program which puts equipment (cameras) into cars that have substantially helped to reduce driving behavior.


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