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Clorox just announced a major new marketing platform targeting the U.S. Hispanic market called Clorox Fragancia.  According to David Cardona, Multicultural Marketing Director at Clorox (photo), this is the first time a line of cleaning products is designed for and marketed exclusively to U.S. Hispanics.  “This is only the beginning we are truly and deeply committed to the Hispanic consumer for many years”, he says and adds that “Right now the focus is clearly Hispanic. There is a strong level of Level of commitment from top management and this will translate in an increase in ad-spend.”.

Portada interviewed Cardona to understand why and how Clorox intends to reach out to the Hispanic consumer. We also asked him about  the research Cloros has done to derive its current marketing strategy.
1. The C-Level Outlook: Multicultural as a Top Priority

In 2011 Clorox turned 100 years old. The company was founded in 1911. Clorox Top Leadership identified 4 Megatrends for its Centennial Strategy, the company’s strategy for the next 100 years.
Cardona tells Portada that these four megatrends are: “Health & Wellness, Affordability, Sustainability, and Multicultural.” Within multicultural, “right now the focus is clearly Hispanic. There is a strong level of commitment from top management and this will translate in an increase in ad-spend.”.

2. Research Insights: Hispanic Consumer Behavior

Research company TNS conducted a study in February 2011 about Hispanic consumption habits. TNS interviewed 600 Hispanic consumers. In addition, Clorox took a look at its Latin American subsidiaries to research about commonalities between Latin American and U.S. Hispanic consumers.

One of the main insights was that Hispanic consumers have a three step  approach to house care and cleaning: “Hispanic consumers clean, disinfect and aromatize.” In contrast,   general market  consumers, mostly do one step that is a combination of the three steps.  According to Cardona, “Hispanic consumers are much more involved in cleaning than non Hispanics. A low acculturated Hispanics cleans on an index basis 140 vs. non Hispanics.”

3. Research Insight: Use of Media and Advertising

Respondents were also asked about the preferred advertising medium that best communicates a new product.  According to Cardona, the results showed that TV remains the main way to perceive a brand. Online is increasing, while print, mostly magazines, and radio also play a significant role.

These insights have been taken into consideration when designing the media plan with the help of Clorox Hispanic agency OMD Latino. The one year plan started yesterday July 16 with TV spots on Univision  and Telemundo. Initially the main focus is being put on TV, radio, digital and in-store activation (coupons placed on top of products, stickers) as well as direct mail.
On the B2B site Clorox is emphasizing through PR outreach that innovation is driving product design and marketing towards the Hispanic consumer. Cardona notes that there has been “a lot of Hispanic innovation in food, apparel, services but very little as it relates to cleaning products.”

4. The Platform

How items are rated on a value and uniqueness standpoint.
“Clorox Fragancia is a scented platform”, Cardona notes. It comprehends three product lines:

Floors –  (Multipurpose Cleaner)

Toilets & Bathrooms (Liquid Rim hanger)

Aircare: Aerosols (Air fresheners)

The marketing and advertising campaign is done around the platform, not so much around each individual product.

5. The Language (Spanish)

Clorox Fragancia is clearly a Spanish-language platform. All advertising is in Spanish. A Spanish-language Facebook page promoting Clorox Fragancia will soon be introduced. And Spanish-language online media will be bought for that purpose.

However, product labels are bilingual. “All our labels are bilingual. With English on top and below in Spanish. Asked on whether Clorox intends to specifically target bilingual and English-dominant Latinos with English-language advertising, Cardona notes that “There is definitely an opportunity to expand into English, just not right now.”

Clorox is a top 45 advertiser in the U.S. Hispanic market (US $32 million in 2011, according to Kantar).


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