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Carmen Torres is Hispanic Media Supervisor at Tampa FL based  22Squared, where among other accounts, she manages the Publix account. We talked to Carmen about the Publix account and how she sees the changing Hispanic media landscape. Portada: What are your 2012 objectives for the Publix account and how do you plan to achieve them in terms of media usage. (e.g. usage of newspaper FSI’s , print, digital etc…)?  Carmen Torres: “ Publix is very committed to the Hispanic community. Our objective for this year is to maintain the strong relationship we have developed with the Hispanic consumer through Publix’s offerings. Knowing how the Hispanic market and media landscape evolve, we make sure to connect with Hispanics through key touch points based on their preferences, media interaction and relevant content. TV and Digital will continue to be an important medium to reach Hispanics.” Portada: What are the main changes vs. last year for Publix? “We have done a good job in reaching out to Hispanics and will continue to do so. As previously mentioned, digital will be an important piece of the media mix. We know how Hispanics interact with digital and we see it as a great tool to engage with our consumer.” Portada: What is your opinion on the big amount of new media (particularly websites) coming up that target English–dominant Hispanics. Is there really enough demand on the advertiser side? Carmen Torres: “ Usually when people think about Hispanic advertising they automatically think Spanish-language media; however, I believe this perception may change soon. According to the 2010 Census, Hispanic population growth came from U.S. births rather than the arrival of new immigrants; therefore, we are starting to see more Hispanics identifying themselves as bilingual and English-Dominant.  The fact that we are seeing a proliferation of English/Bilingual websites and traditional Spanish-language networks changing strategies to reach this target tells us how this market is changing and eventually we will need to move in that direction.” “A Hispanic population that is bilingual or English-dominant should not lead us into believing that we can target them with the same message used to reach Non-Hispanics. Tapping into the Hispanic culture and passion points will be key in engaging with this consumer. This is the beauty of the Hispanic market.” Portada: What would you recommend media properties in the English-dominant space, what type of content, what other advice? Carmen Torres: “It all depends on the objectives of the campaign. My advice is to thoroughly analyze and understand the target, before making any recommendation. Media interaction and language preference will vary; therefore, understanding the demographics and behavior of this target will help us better select the vehicles, content and language.”


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