Marketer Interview: Carlos Boughton, Brand Director for Tecate and Tecate Light

As we reported last week, Tecate Light, the Mexican light beer, announced the return of its ad campaign “Papás”. Adrenalina, the brand equity’s advertising agency in New York City since 2007, created the ads, while Media Vest’s MV42 Degrees was responsible for the media buy. The creative campaign also includes radio spots, out-of-home and retail marketing presence created by Adrenalina.

Following up on the news, Portada interviewed Carlos Boughton*, brand director for Tecate equity (Tecate and Tecate Light).


Portada: Can you explain the main objectives of Tecate's Hispanic marketing strategy?

Carlos Boughton: Tecate Light’s main objective is to connect with newcomers from Mexico. The newcomer has been in the U.S. for less than 10 years and are not fully acculturated to American life. We connect with this consumer base by celebrating their character and toasting to those who want more.

Portada: How does this strategy translate in actual marketing and advertising campaigns?

Carlos Boughton: From a marketing standpoint Tecate Light is a sponsor of the Professional Bull Rider’s Association aligning the boldness and masculinity of the sport with the Tecate Light brand. From an advertising perspective the brand recognizes the sacrifices immigrants make and we toast to their strides and remind them they don’t need to sacrifice their beer choice.  

Portada: Can you explain what marketing /advertising vehicles you are going to use during the rest of 2010? Why?

Carlos Boughton: Tecate Light is committed to continued support of the Professional Bull Rider’s Association and enhancing the consumer experience at events. The "Papas"  campaign will run in states where Tecate Light is available, including California, Arizona and Texas.

Portada: What are the main differences between marketing to US Hispanics and marketing to the general market?

Carlos Boughton: The second generation U.S. Hispanic adopts media and technology similarly to general market counterparts but with one foot in each culture. They weave elements of both lifestyles at their own convenience.

Portada: The spots being aired are in Spanish: Why do you think it is important to speak to Hispanics in their own language?

Carlos Boughton: To be relevant, Tecate Light speaks to new comers in their own language.

Portada: Is the entire campaign in Spanish? Why?/Why not? 
Carlos Boughton: The newcomers initial challenge in the U.S. is navigating the language. Tecate Light supports this consumer by speaking their native tongue and toasting to their efforts. 
Portada: Which other brands are owned by Heineken that target Hispanics? Are you planning an advertising campaign in the near future with some of those brands? 
Carlos Boughton: Heineken, the flagship brand, also has dedicated marketing efforts targeting Hispanics.

*Carlos Boughton currently serves as brand director for Tecate, Tecate Light and Bohemia beers, part of the Heineken USA portfolio of brands. A key executive at Heineken USA, Boughton is responsible for strategic planning, media, advertising, and event strategy for the Mexican brands.