Boost Mobile recently had a personnel change in its Hispanic marketing department, Mirna Aceituno, manager of Hispanic marketing, left the company and was replaced by Felix Tejeda as the new Hispanic Brand Manager for the Sprint Prepaid Group. Portada asked him about his Hispanic marketing and advertising plans.

Portada: As the new Hispanic Brand Manager, what is your role?

Felix Tejeda: I am Hispanic Brand Manager for all brands under the Sprint Prepaid Group (which consists of Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile and Assurance Wireless), my role in a nutshell is to partner with cross-functional teams to ensure our value proposition is marketed to the right segment of the Hispanic Wireless marketplace and guide the development of effective communications to given segment.

Portada: Can you explain the main objectives of Boost Mobile Hispanic marketing strategy?

Felix Tejeda: The main objective of the Boost Mobile Hispanic marketing strategy is to grow brand awareness and purchase considerations among Spanish Dominant Hispanic Adults.

Portada: What has worked in terms of Advertising vehicles and what has not?

Felix Tejeda: Boost Hispanic advertising began in Q2 of 2009, since then our advertising vehicles are always focused on reaching our consumer target. Our target has seen our advertising on TV and where they interact with the category.

Portada: What are the main differences between marketing to USH and marketing to the general market for Boost Mobile?

Felix Tejeda: Obviously language is a key difference, but the main difference is ensuring that each campaign or message has a Hispanic nuance.  Unlike the general market the US Hispanic consumer faces different obstacles and our messaging needs to be relevant to their lifestyle, obstacles and circumstances.

Portada: Can you explain what marketing /advertising vehicles you are going to use during the rest of 2010?

Felix Tejeda: Without exposing too much of our plan, we have are looking at buying all major media vehicles from TV to Out of Home.


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