Marketer Interview: Allstate’s 2010 Hispanic Marketing Plans

Allstate was the 25th largest advertiser in the Hispanic market in 2008, according to TNS Media Intelligence data. It invested $46.2 million in the market. (Among TV advertisers it ranked 20th). Yvette De Jesús, Marketing Manager Integrated Marketing Communications, at Allstate talked to Portada about her company´s Hispanic marketing practices. What is working, what not and on the differences between general market and Hispanic market messaging.

Portada: Can you explain the main objectives of Allstate Insurance company’s Hispanic marketing strategy?

Yvette De Jesús, Marketing Manager Integrated Marketing Communications, Allstate: “Allstate’s strategy is to reinvent protection and retirement for consumers and to allow them to be serviced by Allstate 24/7, by an agent, online or over the phone. Our advertising messaging is based on consumer insights we gain through research and through our cumulative knowledge of the Hispanic consumer, many of them Allstate employees and customers.In our advertising last year, developed by our Agency of record Lápiz, our messaging reflected the tough economic challenges that Hispanic consumers faced, the resourcefulness that characterizes them and their desire to get the best value for their money. This year although we are still going through a tough economy, we are focusing on the “resilient optimism” that Hispanics have, even though they are experiencing higher unemployment rates that the rest of the population. We also address their need for quality service, ease of doing business and quality protection at an affordable price.”

How does this strategy translate in actual marketing and advertising campaigns?

Y.D.J.: “All of the new commercials were designed to reinforce Allstate’s  position as the insurance company dedicated to protecting our customers, their loved ones and everything they have worked so hard to acquire and achieve.The ads are part of Allstate’s on-going efforts which include TV, radio, print and online advertising; public relations outreach and sponsorships of the Mexican National Soccer Team. Our marketing strategies not only include traditional media, but we are also actively reaching our consumer in non-traditional ways. Our online efforts include targeted banner advertising, mobile and  broadband. The company's Spanish-language Web site,*, is far from being just a translation of our English website. We have provided content that is relevant to our Spanish speaking consumer, including tools to guide them through their insurance shopping process. CoberTOUR is an interactive video tool which seeks to educate about how insurance works, what options exist and offers quote estimates. Through our Agent Locator tool consumers can locate one of the more than 3,000 agencies with Spanish-speaking capabilities. The site also contains other resources and tips including information on purchasing a car, common insurance terms and processes and a financial calculator.”

“As part of our marketing strategies we are the exclusive auto-home-life insurance category sponsors of the Mexican National Soccer Team for the 4th consecutive year. This sponsorship includes dedicated TV, radio, print and online advertising, community events and a sweepstakes. This year, being a World Cup year, we have increased all of our efforts around this sponsorship including a sweepstakes grand prize of a trip to a semi-final World Cup match in South Africa.

Allstate also has created an interactive Web site dedicated to this Mexican National Team sponsorship, **. Featuring Mexican National Team goalie Memo Ochoa, the online destination offers fans and visitors an opportunity to design their own soccer balls, view behind- the-scenes footage from recent TV commercials and creates an emotional connection between the consumer and the game of soccer.”

What has worked in terms of advertising vehicles and what has not?

Y.D.J.:  “ Allstate has always utilized a number of marketing and advertising tactics in order to bring valuable information about Allstate’s products and services to consumers. Our Hispanic consumers are always looking for new ways to do business with us. In the past, the usage of traditional media assured companies that they would reach their consumers with their messaging. The world has changed and consumers now determine how they want to shop and do business with us. We need to provide them with all options to make the insurance shopping process as hassle free as possible. We know from research that our Hispanic consumer over indexes the General Population in early adoption and usage of new technology. Although we want to sustain our current levels of traditional media, we are always testing new options, especially in the digital world.

What are the main differences between marketing to USH and marketing to the general market for Allstate Insurance Company?

Y.D.J.: “I believe that messaging in both segments is very different, but marketing is the same; it is about understanding your consumer and providing them with the products and services they need and ommunicating this in a way and through channels that are relevant to them.”

Can you explain what marketing /advertising vehicles you are going to use during the rest of 2010?

Y.D.J.: “Allstate utilizes a variety of marketing and advertising vehicles and will continue to do so, including television, radio and print advertising, online banner advertising and public relations outreach on a national level, supported by regional tactics such as geo-targeted online, radio, OOH, and community efforts which come together in a 360 degree approach.”

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