Portada compared online advertising prices between a recent survey of Q3 2008 data by Pubmatic and data obtained through its own survey. The result? A substantial premium in ECPM’s charged by publishers of Hispanic websites compared to publishers in general market websites.

Websites catering to the Hispanic market can charge, on average, between 3 and 10 times higher prices per impression than websites catering to the general market (see table below).   Of course, there is a catch. The volume of impressions of websites catering to the Hispanic market is much lower than the one of general market websites.

Higher Prices across all Categories


General Market 
(ECPM* in  $ or Cost Per Thousand Online Impressions)
Source: Pubmatic

Hispanic Market
(ECPM* in  $ or Cost Per Thousand Online Impressions)
Source:  Portada Survey

Social Networks


$0.50 – $1.00

Entertainment Sites


$0.75 – $2.00

Sports Sites


$0.75 – $2.00

Finance Sites


$1.00 –$3.00

Gaming Sites


$0.75 –$2.00

News Sites


$0.75 – $2.00

Small size sites  (less than 1 million page views / month)


$2.00 – $3.00

Medium size sites (1  million and 100 million page views/month)


$1.00 – $2.00

Large size sites (over 100 million, page views/month)


$0.66 – $0.99

* Pricing data reflects net publisher monetization via ad networks and excludes ad networks' share of ad spends as well as inventory sold directly by publishers to ad agencies or advertisers 

Niche and Scarcity of Content

One reason for the pricing difference is that as with any niche media, Hispanic online charges more per impression than the general market overall. In addition, the scarcity of content targeted to Hispanics also increases the average cpms as supply (content inventory is smaller than demand for online advertising).

“The apples-to-apples comparison of Spanish online networks versus GM is not entirely the best comparison tool considering the premium typically associated with Hispanic Online. This premium is more relevant and influenced by the available inventory in Hispanic versus General Market,  which directly influences the rates we see in the US and also explains the premiums we see in Hispanic,” Paul Suskey, Media Director at Media 8 tells Portada.   

Grupo Televisa, one of the largest producers of content in the Spanish-speaking world,  charges average online CPMs between $4 and $6 on its Hispanic websites, but the one to Ad Networks (comparable to the table above) lies at around $2, Guillermo Plehn, Commercial Director of Televisa Publishing and Digital tells Portada. 

Differences between Categories: Finance and Sports: high, Social Networking: Low

While Hispanic online prices are consistently higher than those of the general market, there are important differences between the different categories. Finance websites tend to generate the higher CPMs, and social media websites tend to be the least valuable in tems of online advertising CPMs.

In addition, the difference in prices between small/medium/large websites probably reflects the fact that as a site gets larger they have more impressions to move, and there are only so many quality ad campaigns, so more impressions will be used in CPA ad networks (Cost per Action or Cost  per click) which, on a CPM basis, yield much less.    

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