Launches in Spanish

The Gibraltar-based online gambling operation Mansion rolls-out Spanish-language site. Portada speaks with company spokesperson Elizabeth Murray about the company’s recent movement toward the Spanish-speaking market, and the penetration of online gaming sites like theirs.
Portada: What sort of Spanish-language content do you feature on the site?
Elizabeth Murray: Mansion (Gibraltar) Limited now offers Spanish language sites for both poker and casino: and On both sites, players can access all areas of the English version including instruction on how to play our games, details of our latest promotions and everything you need to know to get started including depositing and withdrawing funds.  

Portada: Do you have any distinct Spanish-language content such as Latino player profiles, etc. that is not on the English site or is it all translated verbatim? 
Murray: The main focus currently has been to promote our products and be able to provide access to what we have to offer to Spanish speakers, improving their immediate online gaming experience. The site is not translated verbatim as such – we’ve made an effort to make sure the language reflects Spanish culture. Now that our players can access what we have to offer, we can start moving towards personalizing the site and creating more interesting features. We have many ideas in mind – it’s simply a question of time.
Portada: Where do you expect the bulk of your Spanish-language visitors to come from?
Murray: Obviously our Spanish language sites are targeted at the global market. We want people to be able to come and play from all over the world to build an exciting and interactive community of Spanish speaking players. We don’t have any preconceived ideas of where our traffic will come from, as this industry is always full of surprises. Yet studies have shown that Northern Spain, particularly Barcelona and Madrid, and Mexico in the South American market offer particularly high levels of traffic. We’re hoping that we can break out of the norm and provide a service that will be well received well globally.  
Portada: Do you have any data reflecting the size of the Spanish-speaking online gaming market?
Murray: As we have recently released the Spanish casino and poker sites, we don’t currently have any figures that we can release regarding our own experience. Although it is becoming high profile, online gaming in Spanish speaking countries is still a relatively untapped market. As it is a region for future growth, it is an exciting area to venture into.
Portada: How much revenue is generated by online gaming annually?
Murray: Online gaming is a multibillion dollar industry as its part of the entertainment business. In such a fast paced society with more disposable income, people want to use their spare cash for enjoyment – especially with the increased working hours and daily demands of modern life. Figures have been affected by the UIEGA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) in the US, but it is still going strong, with figures expected to double by 2010.