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Madison Direct launches ride-along program targeting Hispanic New Movers

Madison Direct recently announced a ride-along program in Verizon flip book directories (written in both Spanish and English).


Madison Direct recently announced a ride-along program in Verizon flip book directories (written in both Spanish and English). The new program targets Hispanics who have recently moved.

Each year, Verizon flip books are sent to approximately 6 million new mover households in 33 states (approx. 240,000 of them are Hispanic). On average, 20,000 directories are sent to Hispanic new movers each month. “The directories are mailed when new customers sign up for Verizon phone service,” explained Chris Hulse, CEO of Madison Direct. “In order to get the directory you have to have moved from another community,” he adds.

Because flip book directories reach such a specific audience, ride-along advertising has a higher CPM (cost per thousand) than advertising in shared envelope programs (co-ops). While shared envelopes have a CPM of approximately US $45, Verizon's Hispanic new mover directory ride-alongs have a CPM of about US $100.

Readers Digest Selecciones and International Masters Publishers are currently testing out the ride-along program.

Additionally, Verizon mails flip book directories to 11.8 million Hispanic households in 46 states. Madison Direct also markets ride-alongs in these directories.

Co-op program

Madison Direct's “Family Advantage program” also targets Hispanics. Family Advantage does 5 mailings a year to 7.5 million households per mailing. Approximately 500,000-600,000 are Hispanic. One of its main clients is DirecTV's “Para Todos” (through ad agency The Vidal Partnership). Other clients include Scholastic, BMG, and America Online, all of which run bilingual ads. The co-op program has a CPM of US $45.

Madison Direct used to run a shared mail program called “Madison en español.” Madison en español was sponsored by Colgate Palmolive and ran for several years before it was canceled after September 11, 2001 due to budget cuts to ethnic direct mail. The mailing went out twice a year to Hispanic families in the top 15 Hispanic markets with children up to 18 years old. Colgate Palmolive determined the target markets (1.75 million twice a year) and five to six other companies bought inserts in the envelopes which featured the Colgate Palmolive logo.

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