Hispanics account for 2.8% of the names included in Time Inc.'s database of 50 million names. The grand total includes subscriber lists from Time Inc. magazines, as well as Time Warner continuity clubs (e.g. Bookspan). About 1.4 of the 50 million people who have responded to a Time Inc. offer (subscriptions, club memberships, direct mail offers) are Hispanic. This is a relatively low number compared to other nationalities represented on Time Inc.'s database. The masterlist includes British (12.5 million names), Italian (1.6 million), French (1.1 million), Chinese (298,000), and Japanese (158,000). Most of the names are assigned a nationality based on the presumed origin of the surname, even if they have been U.S. citizens for many generations. Of the 14 million names on Time Inc.'s magazine subscriber list, 730,000 are Hispanics (5.2%). The Millard Group markets Time Warner's lists and databases, including the list from First Moments, a sampling program targeting expectant and new parents. The list is comprised of pregnant mothers and young parents who have expressed interest in receiving offers via direct mail. First Moments also has a Hispanic sampling program.


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