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With 401,000 members, is one of the larger players in the field. Quepasa bought Corazones in early 2007, and rebuilt the architecture for the site, which remains the same to this day. “We bought the site with the view that the Latino dating market is still underserved,” says QuePasa President John Abbott. “We’ve actually rebuilt and re-designed the site, but have not re-launched it yet.”

QuePasa itself is undergoing a major re-launch, and is currently in Beta. This is the primary reason that the company’s plans for Corazones have not yet borne fruit. “We’re going to hold off on the Corazones re-launch until the QuePasa re-launch is complete,” says Abbot.

Corazones is an interesting example of a dating site, due partly to the fact that almost half of its membership—40%— resides in Mexico; 20% of its audience is U.S.-based, and the rest are located in various Latin American countries. As part of the re-launch, Abbott says, their goal is to grow the U.S. base further. Demographically, Corazones is similar to other Latin Dating sites, with males constituting the majority of the membership base, about 60%

One way in which the site plans to achieve this goal is through its current free membership offering, which allows users to use premium features at no cost. “In the run-up to the re-launch we think it’s a good way to generate interest,” says Abbott. While the company’s revenue model has traditionally been membership, based, they are considering a hybrid approach for the new site, that would also rely on advertising dollars.

With regard to age, the breakdown is as follows:

20-29 years old: 39%

30 – 39 years old: 35%

40-49 years old: 17%

Given the site’s largely Latin American clientele, all communications are in Spanish. As part of the re-launch, the company is going to emphasize the possibility of pairing white men with Latina women: “This is a feature that we’ve seen considerable demand for from both parties. Caucasian men are quite interested in meeting Latina women, and vice versa,” says Abbott. Corazones is planning to launch a marketing effort around the sites new features upon its re-launch in Q3-Q-4.

That’s Amor, eh?

Meir is the CEO of Avalanche, LLC of which is one of its websites ( and are also a website owned and operated by Avalanche, LLC.) Please let me know if you have any questions/comments. is the Latin site of Avalanche, LLC, which also owns general market dating site While has over 2 million members, has just over 250,000 in the U.S. and Latin America. Like, Amor’s Male/Female split is around 60/40.  The average user is about 36 years old. Approximately 95% of Amor’s users are Hispanic.

“Our revenue model is overwhelmingly subscription-based,” says Meir Strahlberg, CEO of Avalanche. “Advertising is shown to free members but is not shown to paying subscribers. Subscription revenue is the driving force behind the company, with advertising only making up 5% of revenues.”

The company’s membership pricing is as follows:

1 month:   $19.95

3 months:  $39.95

6 months:  $59.95

12 months: $79.95

Strahlberg says that, overall, the online dating market is worth $1 billion in sales volume worldwide. “What sets us apart from other dating sites is that we provide a great product at a great price,” says Strahlberg. “Our community of quality singles helps us stand apart.”

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