There are also a number of smaller players in the field that are not off-shoots of large general market companies. One example is With an active member base of 38,275 the company’s top markets are NY, Chicago, LA, Houston and Miami (in order). The site’s target demo is a bit older targeting males and females aged 40-49. About 60% of the sites members are male, 40% female. The site’s revenues are generated through its subscription model. It’s pricing is as follows: 1-month plan: 19.99 for one month; 3-month plan: $13.99 per month; 6-month plan: 9.99 per month. The company’s communications are all in English, so the crowd is more acculturated. It advertises via search, 3rd parties and affiliates.
Metrodate is another player in the Hispanic dating space. Out of its 500,000 members, about 30,000 are Hispanic. “Metrodate is open to anyone, around the world – we do not target specific cultures or acculturation levels,” says founder and president Brad Pliner. “However, it is important to note that only portions of the site are available in Spanish. Although we have tried to make the site easier to use in Spanish, some English is necessary to use the site – or at least the assistance of an English speaking friend or family member.” 
In terms of the ethnic breakdown of the site’s membership, Pliner says it depends greatly on which metro location you are talking about: “In Mexico, it goes without saying that most are Hispanic. Internationally our total is about 6% Hispanic. Most members in Spain have their race entered as Caucasian, so if we break this down to Spanish-speaking members as opposed to race, the numbers would likely be higher,” says Pliner. The site also targets other minorities, such as Asians and Blacks.

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