Lopez Negrete Communications, Inc., appoints veteran Kathleen Jones as the new Director of Customer Relationship Management and Direct Marketing Initiatives.

In her role, Jones will be responsible for developing and integrating Customer Relationship Management and Direct Marketing strategies for the agency's broad base of clients. CRM/eCRM functions include: customer-centric strategies; data management planning; marketing database development; customer segmentation; loyalty program consulting; predictive behavior modeling; customer intelligence deliverables leading to new data-driven one-to-one strategies; direct marketing A/B testing; campaign results tracking; multi-channel strategies and tactics for direct mail, email, web custom content, web personalization, web communities, mobile and outbound/inbound call center. Other functions include leadership consulting in combining web analytics (online) with advanced analytics (offline transaction data/loyalty data) for all traditional and digital platforms.

"Several Hispanic marketing shops claim to have some form of direct marketing capability, but none have Customer Relationship Management abilities, knowledge and experience to the level we have now set in place," said Alex López Negrete, president, CEO and chief creative officer of Lopez Negrete.


Portada Staff

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