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Lisa Green – Google: “We recognized a need to look at the region holistically”

Google’s New Latin American effort out of Miami.


Google recently decided to employ a person entirely focused on Latin America in Miami. Lisa Green is this person. We conducted the following interview with her.

Portada: What is your new position?

Lisa Green, Google: “I will be leading agency relations for Miami-based agencies that service the Latin American market. My role is to provide executive-level support, training and service to the agencies that drive business in the region.”

Portada: We understand that you are going to mostly work with largely Miami based accounts that have a panregional reach. Can you expand on that?

Lisa Green, Google: “We have teams set up in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia that service each of those markets individually; we recognized a need to look at the region holistically, understanding that many campaigns are driven at a pan-regional level and providing the right level of support for the agencies is key.”

Portada: What opportunities do you see going forward for panregional buys of search advertising and other Google Products?

Lisa Green, Google: “Latin America is a quickly growing market, with largely untapped search budgets. We see enormous opportunities for the agencies to grow their search businesses and improve ROI for their clients. Additionally, now is the time to help shift media budgets toward digital and mobile. We can work together to drive online display advertising and new forms of mobile advertising.”

Portada: Could you expand on Google's strategy in Latam , growth rates etc?

Lisa Green, Google: “In Latin America, and throughout the world, Google wants to collaborate with agencies, and develop technology and training to help agencies and their clients get the most out of digital marketing and technology. We believe we can help the industry to grow as we partner with agencies to develop technology that helps them create and execute relevant and effective campaigns, at scale.”

Portada: Search has a bigger share of online advertising in Latam than in other parts of the world? Do you have a reason for that?

Lisa Green, Google: "While I can't comment on market share numbers, we believe that advertisers worldwide — and Google alone has more than 1 million, in 190 countries and 41 languages — find value in measurable, relevant, accountable advertising.”

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