Liberty Tax Taps Carmen’s Cupones for National Direct Mail Campaign

Last week, Liberty Tax Service, the third largest tax preparation company in North America, launched a major direct mail campaign targeting underserved Hispanic immigrants. The national ad campaign, which was designed in collaboration with Hispanic Marketing Consultant Blaire Borthayre, hinges on community education at the local level. “By partnering with advocacy agencies, churches, mortgage companies, credit unions, and Hispanic businesses, Spanish speaking tax office employees teach immigrants about the tax system in the U.S, as well as the responsibilities and the benefits of filing taxes,” explains Borthayre. The grassroots component of the campaign is supported by direct mail, coupons, print and radio advertising.

Shared and solo direct mail pieces

Liberty Tax's first drop, a Carmen's Cupones shared mailer delivered to 3 million Hispanic households, was distributed last week in anticipation of tax season. It included a bilingual, four color coupon for $20 off tax preparation services and information on the benefits of filing a W-7 to get an ITIN number. Liberty Tax's logo also appeared on the outside of the envelope. The CPM for the Carmen's Cupones shared mailing was $70 dollars.

In addition, a solo mail piece will be distributed by Liberty Tax franchisees who participated in a training on how to serve Hispanic customers. According to Martha O'Gorman Vice President of Marketing, there are currently 1,000 Liberty offices who have taken the training and are prepared to handle Hispanic customers, so the solo mailing will go out to 50,000 households. The solo direct mail piece includes a bilingual coupon for $20 off tax preparation services and information on the benefits of filing a W-7 to get an ITIN number. (Look for campaign analysis results in Portada's May/June 2006 Issue)

Print and radio

Liberty Tax will also supply the art for print ads which franchisees can place in Spanish-language newspapers in their communities. “All of the ads are basically the same. They are strictly targeting Hispanics who are afraid of the tax system and educating them on the benefits of filing a W-7 and getting an ITIN number,” says O'Gorman. Radio spots on local stations reinforce the print and direct mail components of the campaign.

Grassroots education

Borthayre also made a Spanish CD which covers frequently asked questions about tax returns. The CD's are distributed by franchisees at festivals, community events and at informational talks that Spanish-speaking Liberty tax preparers give at community organizations, churches and Hispanic advocacy agencies.