Lectorum Publications Shifts Consumer Focus to Bilingual Web site and Closes NYC Bookstore

Lectorum Publications, a subsidiary of Scholastic Inc. and a large distributor of Spanish-language books in the United States, announced that it will shift the focus of its consumer business to Internet sales through its bilingual web site at www.Lectorum.com.

Lectorum is the industry leader in Spanish-language sales to schools, libraries and college bookstores through its national sales force and catalog ordering and seeks to become the online consumer destination for Spanish-speaking and bilingual readers of all ages. As part of the planned expansion of its online presence, Lectorum will close its New York City retail store, Librería Lectorum, effective September 30, 2007.

“Librería Lectorum has been a special part of the New York Hispanic community for the past 47 years, and we are grateful for all the love and support we have received from visitors to the 14th Street store,” said Teresa Mlawer, President Lectorum Publications.  “The store became a gathering place for the community, offering book lovers, old and young alike, a wide selection of works by Spanish-language authors as well as works by authors who have been translated into Spanish, and provided many of those writers with a place to present their books.  Unfortunately, this part of the city is no longer a hub of Latino life and with Spanish-language readers now living in communities all across the country, we can reach them much more effectively through our Web site.” 

To preserve a Librería Lectorum tradition, Mlawer plans to host author and other literary events for tri-state area customers at Scholastic’s global headquarters and The Scholastic Store in SoHo, New York. In addition, The Scholastic Store locations at 557 Broadway and in Scarsdale, New York, will expand their offerings of Spanish-language and bilingual children’s books.