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Lead Generation Company CoregMedia Looks into Hispanic Market

Offers web-publishers revenue-sharing program.


California-based lead generation company Coregmedia is beginning to look at the Hispanic online market as a new source of revenue.

CorregMedia specialty is aiding companies in expanding their potential client database by offering names and emails of interested parties. They also offer advertisers custom campaigns that provide even more detailed information about a given user, by having the user answer specific questions about their particular interests.

The company currently works with over 1,000 publishers, placing campaigns through a variety of methods. One is the co-registration model, whereby a user who is registering for hotmail will be presented with the chance to opt-in to CorregMedia's program and answer questions about their interests. For example, if the campaign is for a mortgage broker looking to expand their database, the user might be directed to answer questions about how much they are looking to borrow, what sort of financing rates they expect, etc.

One crucial aspect of their business is their lead validation technology, which ensures that clients are not given dead or duplicate leads.

Another vital part of their program is their ability to target consumers by age, gender, and zip code. This ensures that a 25 year-old Latina from Houston will receive relevant offers by companies like MGM giving away movie tickets, rather than from Xerox advertising their new line of color copiers.

CoregMedia Vice President Christopher Stanley notes that their interest in the Hispanic market is part of a conscious effort to expand into this growing area, as well as the result of client demand for greater Hispanic market penetration.

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