The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce (HISCEC) today announced the launch of its new website with a selected group of beta testers. The bilingual B2B platform combines e-commerce and marketing tools with social networking applications and a website building program. The service provides companies targeting Hispanic businesses and consumers on-demand solutions previously unavailable in one bilingual platform.

Delivering on users' desire to drive online sales and improve communication in one website, HISCEC's proprietary development framework integrates social networking, e-commerce, and online marketing applications. The site also includes a shopping marketplace where all the products and services offered by the members of the HISCEC will be listed.

HISCEC member, plans to use the e-commerce apps. "We are very excited about this new platform," said Chuck Lundy, CEO of "We manage a large amount of e-commerce data, so the ability to house that information will help us sell and transact online.”

The new platform will officially launch to the public during the 2010 Hispanic Business Showcase September 10 and 11 in San Diego. The objective is to move companies to a behavioral marketing approach, making it easier to develop campaigns that respond to individual interests and needs. 


Portada Staff

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