Latin Pak introduces Targeted Solo Insert Program

St. Louis, MO, based Latin- Pak, Inc. president unveiled a new Target Solo Insert (TSI) program. The program is designed to meet the growing need of advertisers who look to have their message to penetrate through advertising traffic, thus arriving swiftly and allowing for strong connections with targeted Hispanic consumers via U.S. and Puerto Rico Spanish language newspapers.

According to Vince Andaloro, President and CEO of Latin Pak, "newspapers continue to be a major channel for connecting with Hispanics. With a TSI program, advertisers look to effectively reach Hispanics by penetrating advertising traffic. Solo inserts, where one brand or manufacturer accounts for the all the content of a particular vehicle ad, have become an innovative means to attain this goal. Couple this with correctly choreographed targeting and the spotlight will belong to the advertiser with an attentive Hispanic audience."

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