Latin Interactive World: Ticket Latino: The Ticketmaster of the Latin World?

At a Glance

Name: Ticketlatino

Features: E-commerce. Tickets on line.

Offices: Atlanta, USA and Madrid, Spain.

Operations: USA, Spain, Colombia, Mexico.

Languages: Spanish and English

Investors: Lino Dominguez, Carlos Zipilivan.

Employees: 7

Ticket Latino is a company working in the Latino entertainment market of USA and SPAIN. It was incorporated in 2006 by Lino Dominguez and Carlos Zipilivan.

Ticket Latino is aiming at developing its presence in USA, searching for local markets representatives. As far as the Latin American market is concerned, they have opened an office in Colombia a year ago and they are studying the Argentinian market. Carlos Zipilivan told Portada that their medium term objectives are expanding into Brazil and Mexico.

Lino Dominguez is the former publisher and founder of one of the oldest Hispanic newspapers in the USA , Mundo Hispanico, and a member of the NAHP (National Association of Hispanic Publications). He lives in Atlanta and spends part of his time in Panama.

Carlos Zipilivan is a media entrepreneur who has invested, among other in the free press  in Spain and in the mobile content industry providing services to most mobile carriers in LatAm (Claro; Movistar; Tigo among others).

“Due to digital piracy musical entertainment industry has been muting dramatically on the last years from the CD's market to the life shows market, generating a growing need for adapted venues; entrepreneurs and efficient tickets selling services”, says Carlos Zipilivan.

Ticket Latino vision was born out of serving the growing community of Latino music professionals (artists ‘agents; specialized venues; concerts organizers; etc). Its main activity is providing his customers with an up to date technology and media for selling concerts tickets on line; by phone and on points of sale.

The sites in Spain and USA have been growing  their audience made of Latino  music fans and professionals.  On these site users might find information on shows and buy tickets of concerts using up to date and safe technology, that has been developed by Ticket Latino under an agreement with one of the leading Spanish ticketing companies, Entradas.Com.

The content of both sites is produced by editorial teams in Spain and USA. To promote the site, they work with web radios that have been substantially increasing in number recently. “They are a perfect fit for Ticket Latino. Through a partnership with us, they may be able to monetize their advertisement and promotion of Latino's concerts and artists”, Carlos Zipilivan told Portada.

Ticket Latino is also planning a new platform through which users can buy the tickets directly on the radio web sites. Radio owners pay a small commission for this service (from US$ 0.25 up to US$ 0.50 per ticket depending on scale).

Currently, Ticket Latino is working on two main initiatives: First, it offers white label merchant sites for tickets sales for web radios. In addition, it is working on “Ticket Latino Pro”, a B2B site which acts as a market place for Latino music professionals. “Ticket Latino Pro” will allow music professionals (artists; agents; promoters; venues entrepreneurs; etc) to exchange critical information in a fast way around industry content (artists tours; availability of venues; dates availability or artists; etc). “It will become the Latin FaceBook for professionals,” Ziplivan hopes.