Latin Interactive World: Online Video Advertising: How SPT’s Plonskier Assesses the Market

Portada interviewed Irving Plonskier, Senior Vice President / General Manager of Sony Pictures Television AdSales Latin America about Sony's new online video advertising projects and the market as a whole.

Portada: What is the pricing model for your online advertising offerings?

Irving Plonskier: “There are a few different types of pricing that we use; but, predominately we use CPM pricing for our online advertising. We will also price our online advertising with a minimum buy in where an advertiser can sponsor an online stunt (most of the time these stunts  have no minimum guarantee therefore cannot  be priced out by CPM)”

Portada:  You say that Latin American online consumers are more prone to watch online video, can you provide anecdotal experience or even stats about that?

Irving Plonskier: “We are starting to see a shift in more viewer moving to watch video online. A recent comScore study found that people choose to watch TV episodes online mainly due to missing of an episode on TV (71%), convenience (57%), Less Ads (38%), and like to see past epsidoes (25%).”

Portada:  Urban Wolf, Private, Video Game Awards are only webisodes or also cable programs? We also understand that they are webisodes that Sony broadcasts globally not just in Latin America?

 Irving Plonskier: “Urban Wolf and Private are online webseries and can only be seen on our platforms.  The Video Game Awards is a US based shows that airs on Spike TV, we have the exclusive rights to air the VGAs in Latin America where it airs both on cable and online. The webseries are globally licensed and live on the SPE sites.”

Portada: Among the advertisers. Ford, Telcel and Sony Electronics are they buying panregionally?

Irving Plonskier: “All three advertisers mentioned were sold in different markets to support individual campaigns. Ford was sold out of Brazil, Telcel was sold out of Mexico and Sony Electronics was sold Pan Regionally.”

Portada: Do you think online video advertising is particularly suited to be sold panregionally?

Irving Plonskier: “I believe online video advertising is suited to be sold Pan Regionally and/or locally. We have the ability to geo-target all of the markets, additionally not all advertisers sell Pan Regionally there are a few brands which only by within their market.”